Our Services

-->Program Evaluation and Logic Modeling

A key to CPMR’s expertise is the Logic Model. The Logic modeling method is designed to build organizational capacity by training staff members to take control of the program development, implementation and evaluation of the processes. Building of Logic model will have the following steps:
• Pre-Proposal Workshop
• Ongoing Project/Program Management
• Outcomes-based Accountability

CPMR evaluation toolkit consists of

- Logic Model

- Need Assessment

- Pre & Post Testing

- Surveys

- Literature Reviews

- Case Studies

- Focus Groups

- Interviews

- Participant observation

- Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

- Culturally Competent Reports

- Narrated PowerPoint Executive Summary

-->Qualitative research

CPMR provides a full range of qualitative research and documentation services either online or on site. The deliverables include a critical review of best practice models, comparative analysis and comprehensive research report.

-->Training/Continuing Education

To build organizational and/or community capacity, CPMR will facilitate classes and staff development workshops in the following areas:
• Logic Modeling
• Data Collection & Analysis
• Database Management
• Evaluation Report Writing

-->Evaluation Proposal Writing

CPMR will enhance purpose to organization’s funding efforts by developing detailed evaluation plans for funding proposals. CPMR has comprehensive evaluation plan for specific proposals.

-->Seminar/Conference Presentations

CPMR proposes to facilitate workshop, sessions in Logic Modeling, Program Evaluation and in other areas.

-->Web site development

CPMR developed websites for various clients mainly work on e-commerce domain. It has its client on India as well as overseas countries. It's known for its high quality product development.

--> Software/Project Testing

At CPMR we have tested different software and web based applications. We have tested web applications for: • Functionality
• Usability (standards, users, design)
• Data accuracy and consistency
• Security
• Load and Performance
• Automation

-->Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

CPMR also provide SEO. So, that a client sales will be increased more. A website is listed in various directories so that it is accessible widely. Page rank is increased also. It also helps in digital marketing, social marketing etc.