Title In the Annals of Mobile Database Security
Authors Sanket Dash, Malaya Jena
Keywords Mobile computing, Mobile database, Wireless Security, WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11i, 802.11X, WIMAX
Issue Date December 2011
Mobile Computing utilizing Wireless Networking technology though becoming increasingly popular but at the same time it has introduced the security issues. Today’s mobile workforce increasingly demands convenient and secure access to the Internet using mobile devices (such as notebook and handheld PCs) and access the personalized or enterprise data with Wi-Fi and other mobile connectivity solutions. A security enabled mobile database application helps a mobile worker to gain safe network access in areas where it is traditionally hard to deploy “wired” networks. It also enables such services as wireless access for enterprise Data, file and database synchronization, and convenient network access to corporate resources on the intranet. However, as users find it easier than ever to connect to, synchronize with, and download corporate data, the need for device security becomes crucial. Therefore the network security becomes increasingly more vital for a successful mobile data base application.
Page(s) 44-62
ISSN 2277-4629
Source Vol. 1, No. 1